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Video Editing & Motion Graphic

We create stunning videos that engage your audience.

Video Editing Services

Affordable video editing & post production services from freelance video editors. Video sound editing, fancy transitions, color corrections and more.

Brand-new video trends from up and coming artists. We offer affordable video editing & post production services to deliver the best results for your business or entertainment videos. Video sound editing, fancy transitions, color corrections and more.

Audio Mastering

Capturing great audio is of the utmost importance, and we can perfect it in post. Audio sweetening adds effects to sound that make our speaker’s voice more presentable or eliminate background noise so you only hear what matters most.

Music Supervision

Capturing great audio on the day of production is important but its perfected in post. Post-production houses can eliminate background noise, bring out sounds we couldn’t hear before or even give your speaker’s voice that extra pop it needs.
Music supervisors spend years discovering what type of tracks work and which fall flat for marketing videos because they allow them to pick music accordingly so success isn’t a far off possibility!

Color Grading

When we approach the final touches of the post production phase, color is critical to allow your marketing video to stand out. Color correction is a process of adjusting color, contrast, exposure, and other parameters that affect the final image look. The goal is to match every shot and even-out or match color. For example if one shot has a magenta tint, and the next has a green tint, they would have to be adjust to look evenly colored. Once the shots have been evened out, the color grading process begins. Color grading is the color style used to polish the entire feel of the video. For example, we may want to give a subtle blue tint with low contrast to a video to envoke a cold rustic look.

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